Dead Dove


Out here by the freeway, barricades, under trash, overpass, a distant blast...
This too will pass... tomorrow

An Epic Rock Comic Book

 Dead Dove is the story of love and danger in a violent wasteland created by massive solar flares that eliminate electrical current, and turn humans into Survivors, or Savages. The rock album included is written by DeadDove the band, and chronicles this amazing struggle against post-apocalyptic Savages, the duty of the 3 main characters Justin, Evan and Scotter to bring Earth's electric grids back online, and to save the World from destruction!

A duly noted attempt at love, written in a logbook code-named Dead Dove.
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This is Highly Unlikely.

It’s a pitch black world and we’re all alone. Nobody’s got a heart, nobody’s got a home. Out of reason, out of rhyme, out of cash, out of gas.
If you want to keep 'em all you’ll keep your fingers out my stash.

Tomorrow, that's what we are fighting for.

They crowd the borders and the shorelines. We will never join their funeral frontlines. Gonna batten down tonight, out here by the freeway, barricades, under trash, overpass, a distant blast. This too will pass... Tomorrow.

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At Least That's The Plan...

In this jungle prada underground, we've got a lot of lost and found. Lost and found people that want to be free. A warrior has hope and a slave hangs from a tree- not you, not me. Every strike is like a ripple in the water. We rise tsunami size, then we take it over.

Hold my hand, Grab All You Can.

After the flares were done, after the flashover. That’s when it all went dark, that’s when we knew it was over. Baby run away fast as you can. When you arrive in the wasteland you will see there is no colder, so grab all you can before the savage takes you over.

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In this crazy world all i want is you.

So down with your energy. Smack dab up in the anarchy. Ghouls and geeks are everywhere you see, so we all throw in the kitty thinkin’ B I G. Now we’re the enemy, because we’re still alive. In this Crazy World, all I want is you.

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